This immensely popular h-series has been said to have changed the history of adult animation with it’s scenes of violence, perversion and lust, filled with hardcore sex and unusual sexual fetishes! It consists of three different anime titles each with their own series of releases; Isaku, Shisaku and Kisaku. They are named after the three sadistic brothers whom they are about.

Why is One Piece so controversial among anime fans?

How would you feel if one of your favorite anime shows was ruined by a shitty Americanized remake of it? It would probably be chaotic and scandalous right? Well, that’s exactly what 4Kids did to One Piece when it got a license to serialize the dubbed version in America.
It has been a point of controversy even 12 years after its cancellation! They made some game-breaking changes to the anime which was the cause of a lot of idiotic nonsense and plot holes later in the story. These are some of the dumbest changes they made: Guns were changed to water guns! Hold up.
Water guns.
Seriously? Here we are in a world filled with pirates, violence and evil, and how do we suppress that from rising and overwhelming the world? Water guns. Well played 4Kids.
Well played. Sanji’s cigarette was changed to a lollipop! Okay I understand that smoking is bad for health and 4Kids wants to reprimand that image…but it’s Sanji.
You take away his cigarette, you take away his cool, suave personality. Also how is he holding that lollipop? Who the hell holds a lollipop like that! 4Kids’ animation budget was so low that they couldn’t even give Sanji a proper hand for holding lollipops.
Now that’s just sad. Alcohol was changed to water or juice! Because you see pirates getting giddy on Minute Maid mango juice. “Yo ho ho and a bottle of water Drink and the devil be done for the rest” All instances of blood and bruises were removed! What this meant was that Zoro’s blade attacks didn’t cut people.
It just phased through them like playing a VR game.
What’s the point of swordsmen anymore? Might as well give them a glove and start punching people. Also, as we know in the Luffy vs Crocodile fight, Luffy used his blood to penetrate Crocodile’s sand attacks.
But there is no blood in the 4Kids One Piece dub.
Does that mean he used his sweat to defeat him? That is just so much lamer than blood. Many characters had their names changed! Portgas D.
Ace was changed to Portgaz D.
Trace. Edward Newgate a.k.a Whitebeard was changed to Ward Newgate. Captain Smoker was changed to Captain Chaser (also his smoking animations were replaced with “white air coming out of his mouth”). And the worst for last. Zoro was changed to Zolo. Because apparently “Zyou Only Live Once”. What the fuck were you smoking 4kids? Oh wait… Helmeppo’s gun was replaced with whatever this thing is: What even is that? It’s like a gun, a hammer, and a slinky spring had a baby which ended up looking like that weird contraption. Now for the changes that caused huge plot holes in the story: Bellemere’s death was removed! Bellemere who was Nami’s mother died during the Arlong Park arc.
She was shot between the eyes because she was unable to pay Arlong the ransom that he was demanding from her.
It was a major turning point for Nami’s backstory. However, the 4kids dub did not have any deaths even if they were highly consequential to the plot.
So they decided that Arlong were to kidnap Bellemere and throw her inside his (sex?) dungeon. She was never to be seen again. It was almost like 4Kids forgot of her existence.
So we could never find out what her final fate was.
Did she die of starvation? Does she still work as a slave for Arlong? But wait, didn’t Luffy end up destroying Arlong Park? Does that mean he indirectly killed Nami’s mother? If Nami were to find out he could kiss his ‘nakama’ ideology good bye. Laboon does not exist! Well, that’s not true.
He kind of does…but as a fucking iceberg! Yes, they completely removed Laboon’s story from the anime.
4Kids thought that this was just a fluff story in between the main arcs to give some cooldown time for the audience. Little did they know that Oda never does fluff. Fast forward a few arcs and we come to the scene where Luffy’s crew meets Brook for the first time.
Brook mentions that his crew had all been wiped out deeming him the sole survivor.
His motive for travelling with the Strawhat crew is so that he may once again return back to the Red Line where Laboon the whale is still waiting for them to return. If Laboon does not exist in the dub, how do you explain Brook’s motivations? You simply can’t. Stupid and pointless changes like these created a lot of hatred in the One Piece fandom.
There were people (like our parents) who acknowledged these child-friendly changes and there were One Piece’s true fans who were enraged that Oda’s masterpiece was being sullied in the dumbest ways possible.
This divide in the community ended up creating a lot of controversy. In 2006, 4Kids finally stepped down because of the bad press they were receiving which paved the way for Funimation.
Even though their attempts were not the best, they were much better than 4Kids. Thank god One Piece fans from around the world were able to unite and avert this major crisis from happening.