Based on a game by Tanuki Soft.

Do animals experience mental illness or are those conditions unique to humans?

My grandmother had a sweet labrador who'd been horribly abused by his last owner.
He'd been tied up with a rope in a dark tin shed all by himself and starved, beaten, and neglected from the time he was a puppy to the time he was three years old. It was always amazing to me what a gentle, loving dog he was after all of that.
He was-- how can I say-- a bear of very little brain, but he had the biggest heart, even for a dog.
He'd snuggle you if you cried, leap about in the most heartfelt joy whenever I turned up at the doorstep, and seeing him running around in the woods like a great gamboling oaf was the best thing. But there was one drawback: he hated men.
He loved all the women he met, but absolutely loathed men with a terrified fury.
He was too gentle to attack them, but he'd run away and hide under the table if he so much as heard one talk, and if the man came near him, he'd whine and cry or growl like a thunderstorm.
If there was nothing to hide under, he'd try to hide behind my legs.
It was heartbreaking. It's pretty clear he suffered from some sort of PTSD.
He'd have nightmares too and he'd bark and cry in his sleep.
Over the years he slowly got used to some men who visited a lot, but he'd never let them pet him.