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Where can I watch anime online free without account and minimum ads?

These are legitimately licensed distributors: - When you land on their homepage it looks like you have to create an account, but you don’t.
You can watch any of the videos that don’t require age verification and aren’t premium, which is usually only the last/latest episode.
This is where I’ve been watching Attack on Titan and Gary and his Demons.
The app (Android) is buggy and slow, and has crappy indexing, but the browser UI is fair and once a video is playing the streaming is ok.
(Accounts are free.) - This is Sony’s streaming service.
Content rotates in and out of availability.
They have quite a few anime movies and TV series. Tubi - There are some anime films and TV shows.
No account is required to watch PG and PG-13 content.
R and TV-MA content requires age verification with a free account.