Based on the doujin game by Crimson.

Is Noragami a good anime to watch?

To explain the show in a brief manner, it’s kind of like an experience.
It’s mostly delves into a light novel kind of feeling,with introducing a lot of Japan based gods as actual people and their interactions with Yato,a stray god(i.e.
doesn’t have a shrine or a permanent title).
The whole story is like a mask,you know something’s hidden behind the light atmosphere,but at the same time can’t guess when the mask will come off.
The pacing is OK,not that great.
The character of Hiyori in my opinion is highly underused.
She’s just there as a means for the gods in the series to explain to the audience as to what is going on at that moment.
She doesn’t show much personality,and take it from someone who also reads up the light novel that comes in monthly,her character won’t change that much.
The main focus of the first season at least would be Yato’s shinki (basically a god’s weapon to destroy evil monsters) and his personality was refreshingly new and different from the other cast members.
I wouldn’t really expect too much going into this series if I were you,but still give it a try because as I said, it’s an experience of sorts.