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Is One Piece anime getting really boring nowadays?

I was holding back from answering this but no more. I just completed the Dressrosa arc and I can no longer suppress what I feel about the series.
I haven’t read the manga so my experience is going to be limited to the anime. The pacing - Of all the long running series One Piece was the only one whose duration seemed to do it a favour.
The duration of One Piece allowed the character’s pasts to be showcased in detail, allowed the strawhats to visit all sorts of islands and explore the world in detail.
One Piece has amazing world building and I’m glad we got to see much of it. But things haven’t been the same post time skip.
Lazy writing and dumb battle scenes is all the hype these days.
Battles are spent with more talking and camera zooming up and down the characters than actual fighting.
Side characters are specifically used to drag the scenes further, and the actual climax of battles last 2–3 mins out of the 10+ episodes they drag on for. Flashbacks - Flashbacks ruin the pacing of the series even further and One Piece flashbacks are some of the worst.
Something as simple as Luffy recalling what his friend said in an irrelevant episode leads to a half-episode long flashback depicting the exact scene.
It makes you wonder how many people skip episodes due to boredom and need the flashbacks as a reminder of what took place. The flashbacks are dragged out, copied directly from past episodes, and the only people who need those are either people who skip episodes or really dumb fans who cannot link two obvious events without a recap. Dumbing down of characters post time-skip - This was the biggest deal breaker for me.
Most characters have been dumbed down to a point where a box of nails would do better. Characters like Zoro who would previously remind the strawhats of enemy traps is now no smarter than Luffy.
Characters like Sanji are hands down difficult to take seriously with him literally passing out from nosebleeds and missing out on half an arc due to it, and that’s to account for as one of the main characters he spent his time running from cross dressers while both his captain and rival were trained by legends during the time skip.
Sanji’s character is no more than a joke at this point and while the strawhats grew stronger during the timeskip, none of them matured the least bit. Luffy is just as childish, Usopp just as afraid, and Robin’s been watered down to the point where she’s essentially a side character. And god the side characters! With characters whose sagas revolve her gravitational field and this guy who can shove the ‘G’ up his ass, you doubt whether Oda has run out of creative ideas. Shitty characters like these don’t add to the humour and make people skip scenes more often. What I cannot stand additionally is how most characters barely contribute to the plot but are kept around till they’ve outlived their usefulness.
One such side character I can recall was Bellamy who was kept around to the point where he spent more time jacking Doflamingo off than doing actual service to the overall storyline.
One Piece is littered with irrelevant characters who fill the screen up but do jack to entertain the audience. Battles - Are you kidding me? I’m not even going to talk about this.
Those who watch One Piece realize how hits from a sword can split boulders in half but still cause marine grunts to go flying without any blood loss. The combat in One Piece turned even sloppier after the timeskip and even the combat from Dragon Ball Z seems more appealing at this point. All in all, One Piece hasn’t been the same post time skip.
The plot from Dressrosa feels like a copy/paste of Alabasta.
Five minute scenes are dragged into entire episodes, and I would expect the characters to mature a bit more in terms of personality after a two year gap. I loved One Piece till the time skip took place.
In fact Marineford’s my favourite arc of all time.
But the series hasn’t been the same since.
It feels repetitive, the characters feel dull, and the episodes get stretched out into bland scenes to avoid it from catching up to the manga. Is One Piece getting boring? Hell yes.
It’s boring, child friendly, and the anime is slow to the point where watching it feels like a chore.
Marineford was the last interesting arc imo and the series has taken a hit since then.