Based on a game by Alice Soft.

What is it that makes Samurai Champloo such a great anime? What are the things that struck you?

First of all I would like to tell you.
It is perfectly fine if you dislike or even hate the anime, just because everyone else around you thinks it is great does not have to be great for you.
It does not have to be the same case for you.
You are unique and you have your own preferences. I know some anime fans can be quite judgmental.
Don't give a crap about their opinions. I appreciated Samurai Champloo more when I got older! I couldn't understand the deep meaning behind the anime of the struggles faced by the people of the past when I was younger (3 years earlier).
Ex- The persecution gay people face in today's world is something you can relate to. Now to the anime itself. Samurai Champloo - Action, Adventure, Comedy,Historical, Samurai, Shounen.
Episodes: 26 Champloo is more known for its scenes that are juxtaposed with modern quirks such as people beatboxing to humorous and surreal effect. Episode topics try to cover every area that is barely explored by other samurai-era anime that are more concerned with traditional ‘fight evil’ plots (or even movies for that matter) from the prevalence of the yakuza co-existing with samurai, the tragedy of women forced into prostitution to pay off their husbands’ debts, human trafficking in the art world, existence of homosexuality, persecution of Christians and Ainu, and graffiti gangs with too much time on their hands.
There’s even a hilarious baseball game with members of an American expedition that predates Commodore Perry’s by a few years.(Surely mature themes!) The anime is about entertaining this idea, this hope, that even back in Edo era Japan there were open-minded people fighting for creativity, individuality and basic human rights.
Sure, most of them didn’t last long, but they didn’t die without a fight.
Banzai! That was the essence of anime.
Music was something unique too mix of hip-hop , funk and pop.
Art sytle has it's own charm.
It was a very unique and fresh experience , thus it created a strong fan following. Don't fret if you didn't like it , as many people don't ....
and that is perfectly alright !