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What did you think about the Momoshiki vs. Naruto and Sasuke fight in the Boruto anime series?

What are my thoughts on it eh? It was the greatest fight I’ve seen… for this year… and last year.
Here I was thinking that Goku vs Jiren was the greatest fight of 2018.
Boy, was I wrong.
This fight beats a good portion of the other fights in Shippuden, in my opinion at least.
Another reason why it was so good was because of the nostalgia it personally brought back from the other series’ with the techniques shown in this fight(I’ll explain later).
But that’s enough of my personal rant for now. Everything was good but I’m just gonna touch upon things in which I thought deserved mentioning.(I’ll leave a few things out…) Sasuke Balancing his sword and kicking it towards Momoshiki was just… nevermind. Naruto turning the tables on Momoshiki and overwhelming him.
This was amazing to actually see the hits connect while not being able to see them because of the speed the fight happened at.
Confusing again… The SHURIKEN and Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu!!!! I haven’t seen this since the original series.
That stabbed me right in the feels. Ahhhh.
Finally A Rinnegan User that uses Almighty Push since Nagato.
I haven’t seen Almighty Push in a LONG time.
Nice to see it again. Momoshiki’s face as he was caught by Sasuke’s Amenotejikara and then punched by Naruto was just great… It’s also BEEN A LONG time since the words “Chibaku Tensei” was said.
That caught me off guard for a bit but that was most likely just me. Naruto punching the Snake and Sasuke electrocuting it was a nice addition.
P.S, Naruto’s face went missing. Sasuke kicked Naruto away to save him despite puting himself in even greater danger was something that brought back a memory from years ago.
Against Haku, Sasuke did the same thing, save Naruto instead of himself.
Ahhhhhh, Nostalgia. Seeing as how they extended the fight, I would have hoped to see Majestic Attire Kurama fight the Golem more, but I’ll just take the slash and be done with it. This as well, Momoshiki came prepared for Amenotejikara this time.
But then this happened. His arm was electrocuted and he got a kunai through his hand.
Perfect change from the movie. Well it also seems that the episode confirmed a theory of mine; Naruto and Sasuke can still be affected by Black Recievers.
And that Sasuke does indeed have Hashirama’s cells from Kabuto seeing as he was stabbed in his heart and lived and because his wounds from being stabbed were healed without Kurama’s help at the end of the fight. Now this is something I noticed that might be a slight reference from the movie.
If you go back to the movie fight, you’ll see a part where Momoshiki uses a technique involving exploding boulders that are similar to Chibaku Tensei. Then when he crushed his fist. The boulder exploded. Now in the anime, Sasuke did an actual Planetary Devastation with the same hand gestures as Momoshiki(His arm extended and palm opened.) And when he closed his fist. The Planetary Devastation was created fully. I’m probably the only person that’s noticed this and if you read this section of the answer, you will too ;) But to recap, the fight was atleast twice as good as the movie fight, maybe more. At first, I didn’t like Boruto much because how different it was from Shippuden.
But now I’ve given it a clean slate and it’s now good in my book. Oh Yeah, a bonus image for those who didn’t notice it. I’m sure he can fit an entire watermelon in that mouth of his. Hope My Opinion Helps.