Based on the manga by Yoshu Ohepe.

What are your favorite (and WORST) anime of 2018?

2018 has seen the maximum surge in anime fan base and I have no doubt that the last 5–6 years have indeed been the golden era of anime where anime availability has urged people to debate and discuss anime in the same way Marvel and DC are discussed. Having said that, I will start with my favorite anime for 2018 (excluding ongoing anime from earlier years, season 2s - 3s of existing franchises): 1.
Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms Mari Okada’s directional debut was the most aesthetically pleasing anime of this year next to Violet Evergarden.
Story was also written by her and it reminded me a bit of Interstellar in some aspects.
Ending was just beautiful. 2.
Banana Fish If 2016 saw 91 days, then 2018 belongs to Banana Fish.
Gang violence, rape, drug trafficking, corruption, Banana Fish has an engaging story line, interesting characters and decent art work.
First ending was the song of Summer 2018 for me. 3.
Hataraku Saibou This anime showcases the most unique plot ever.
What if our RBCs, WBCs, platelets and other cells in our body had the appearance of a human? What interactions will they have, tasks they are supposed to execute and challenges they may face? A student of biology may understand this anime better but still, the anime does a spectacular job in educating the people about the human anatomy. 4.
Sora Yori Mo Tooi Basho Madhouse never ceases to amaze its audience with great visuals.
And add brilliant story telling, characters, great soundtrack to that! Plot: Four girls with complex backstories who go on a trip to Antarctica. The anime aims to celebrate youth and emphasizes that courage is not an underrated virtue. 5.
Violet Evergarden I have no words.
Violet Evergarden is the most emotional and aesthetically pleasing anime of this year.
The MC has been the selling point of this show and making this anime available on Netflix was a smart move.
My respect for war heroes has grown multi-fold after this anime. Honorable mentions: Grand Blue Poputepipikku Megalo Box Golden Kamuy Some of the worst ones are as under: 1.
Devilman Crybaby (ONA) I seriously could not understand why Devilman Crybaby was liked that much.
On Victor Volkov’s recommendation, I watched Devilman Lady and its much better.
Art work just didn’t suit the story line.
The Tatami Galaxy and Kemonozume were great works by Masaaki Yuasa but Crybaby wasn’t good enough.
Obsession with runners, rappers and people being sliced like hot cheese was totally uncalled for.
Not at all a good horror anime. 2.
Darling in the Franxx We have had enough of Eva style mecha! The show is hackneyed as hell and the plot just spirals away into nothingness.
For those who have watched enough mecha, this is not your anime. 3.
Tomie (Special) I am a staunch follower of Itou Junji’s works such as Uzumaki, Tomie, Yami no Koe, Shin Yami no Koe.
Uzumaki is his most popular manga.
I expected the Tomie special to be good but the two episodes aren’t sufficient to engage the audience in a horror story as well as the manga does.
I was extremely disappointed.
Even an FLCL style six episode series would have sufficed. 4.
Shikioriori (Movie) An anime which tried to capitalize on a story telling style similar to that of Five Centimeters per Second but fails terribly.
And what’s worse is that it also fails to deliver animation quality. 5.
Harukana Receive There was a time when I was attracted to female beach volleyball for nosebleeds.
But I will tell you one thing: Once the game begins, you no longer feel the need to admire perfect bikini bodies as you are in awe of the finesse with which just two players at each side of the court are able to control the ball. Unfortunately, the anime fails to deliver on above lines. Hope this answers your question!