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Why is anime such trash nowadays?

Because content creation IS AT AN ALL-TIME HIGH. Most of the other answers to this question are bias. “Trash? What about AOT, Erased” etc, etc.
Which is a clever way of avoiding the question directly. Japanese creators are pumping out content like never before.
In fact they’re pumping out SO MUCH content collectively, that many are disregarding “quality”. And in a lot of cases, anime shows are rushed because of low budgets (and other issues). It’s the same thing we see with articles on the internet, of which 3M+ posts are published everyday. Or what we see with YouTube, with hours and hours of poor content uploaded every second of everyday. If “pushing out content” is the goal, quality has to suffer along the way. Think about the most popular shows today that are considered “masterpieces”. You’ll realize one thing: most of them are OLD SHOWS with NEW seasons or movies. Attack on Titan. Steins Gate. Disastrous Life Of SAIKI K. Cardcaptor Sakura. Berserk. Fullmetal Alchemist Fairy Tail. Sword Art Online. Naruto. One Piece. Dragon Ball Z. Pokemon. Detective Conan. Tokyo Ghoul. Death Note. The Seven Deadly Sins. Love Live, Haikyuu. And many more. “old” means anything not created between 2016–2017. The only exception to “masterpiece” shows lately (as far as fame and sales ££) is My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, A Silent Voice & Your Name.
2 of which are movies. Most other great shows in 2016–2017 (like New Game, Rokudenashi, etc) are overshadowed by the success of older shows (Like SAO, etc) which is proven by ranking charts if you ever look at it. So is anime trash nowadays? It depends how you look at it. But one thing is for sure: The most successful shows are “mostly” older shows. Statistics don’t lie.