A carnal cult uses illicit drugs to transform men into sex-crazed monsters. Police partners and lesbian lovers Atsuko and Kei are investigating a shady drug deal when they stumble upon the shocking truth. Can our frisky friends interrupt their love-play long enough to cuff the criminals?

What are some good anime quotes about life?

A lesson without pain is meaningless.
For you cannot gain anything without sacrificing something else in return, but once you have overcome it and made it your own...you will gain an irreplaceable fullmetal heart.
(Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood) I have a dream to reach, and if I die trying.
Atleast I’ve tried.
(One piece) Sometimes you must HURT in order to KNOW, FALL in order to GROW, LOSE in order to GAIN, because life's greatest lessons are learned through PAIN.
(Naruto Shippuden) People cry not because they are weak.
It's because they have been strong for too long (Fairy Tail) Let me ask you something: Let's assume that there is an evil in the world that justice cannot bring down, what would you do? Would you taint your hands with evil in order to fight that evil? Or you would you carry out justice and succumb that evil? (Code Geass) Even if you loose everything, something remains.
(Fairy Tail) False tears bring pain to others.
A false smile brings tears to yourself.
(Code Geass) A place where someone still thinks about you is a place you can call home.
(Naruto Shippuden) Happiness is like glass.
It may be all around you, yet be invisible.But if you change your angle of viewing a little,it will reflect light more beautifully than any other object.
(Code Geass) So tell me where should I go? To the left, where nothing is right.
Or the right, where nothing is left.
(Naruto Shippuden) Never miss a chance to say 'I Love You' because you never know when it might be time for you to leave. (Fullmetal Alchemist) There's a difference between being lucky and deserving.
One's an accident, the other, a reward.
Never get the two confused.
(Boku no Hero Academia) Those who do not understand true pain can never understand true peace.
(Natural Shippuden) Fear is not evil.
It tells you what weakness is.
And once you know your weakness, you can become stronger as well as kinder.
(Fairy Tail) The world can't be changed with pretty words alone.
(Code Geass) When does a man die? When he is shot through his heart by a bullet from a pistol? No! When he is ravaged by an incurable disease? No! When he drinks the soup made from a poisonous mushroom? NO! A MAN DIES WHEN HE IS FORGOTTEN.
(One piece) If you believe in nothing, and stand up for nothing, you'll become and achieve...
nothing! (Detective Conan) Those who can't abandon anything can't change anything.
(Attack on Titan) Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return.
To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.
That is Alchemy's First Law of Equivalent Exchange.
(Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood) The difference between the novice and the master is that the master has failed more times than the novice has tried.
(Assassination Classroom)