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What is the weirdest anime you've ever seen (not good, just weird)?

There are many anime that I regret watching, they were plain-boring, some had too much harem and fan-service; but I had never thought about weird anime.
(Probably because I skipped most of them) Now that I think about it there were a few anime that were weird but I still saw them.
Some of them are: Tanaka-kun is always listless Look at that picture.
Just by looking at those eyes you start feeling sleepy. I always thought I was lazy, but this guy is the god of lazy people.
His laziness knows no bounds.
The ways in which his laziness was expressed were extremely weird; and guess what, I still enjoyed it! Sakamoto desu ga This anime is not completely weird, I will say it’s 65% cool and 35% weird. Dancing around fire so that it dies down, if that ain’t weird, I don’t know what is! And I still enjoyed it! NOTE: I haven’t added anime like School days because they are disgusting, and a word of advise, if anyone asks you to watch Boku no Pico, stay away from him! ( I will keep adding more as I remember, if I have missed any please go to the comment section)