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What's an example of bad anime dubbing?

Oh boy I am gonna have so much fun with this answer. Ghost Stories This show was such a flop in Japan that by the time it was serialized in America, the production company was left with nothing but pennies.
Hence, they could only afford a ragtag bunch of voice actors. Their only instruction to the dubbing team was: “Please for the love of God do whatever it takes to make this anime somewhat sellable”. And so the team went on to create a cult classic that went down in history as one of the funniest and most offensive anime dubs of all time. Kid: “Waaaahahaaahhaahhhha” Girl: “Hush child why are you crying?” Kid: “Because these pajamas are gay” Boy talking smugly to a statue: “Do you have any books written by black people?” Statue who was initially idle opens its eyes and goes: “Yeaaaaa” Girl: “Principals always look like lesbians” *Girl looks at the picture on the floor* Girl: “MOM? No way it can’t be!” Boy: “They are thinking about cancelling the sports festival!” Screaming boy: “NOOOO THEY CAN’T CANCEL THE FESTIVAL, ONE LITTLE RETARDED BOY HAS HIS HEART SET ON THIS THANGGG!” Little child: “What’s a homepage?” Now imagine the silver haired girl talking in the sweetest voice ever: “Very good little Christian soldier and you should never see homepages.
You see…the internet was a blessing from Lord Jesus to spread the word of God throughout the world but pedophiles and muslims stole it and used its holy power to seduce children like yourself!” Little child: “Get Out!!!” Girl: “You should get out more, kinda to de-geek yourself.” Geek: “Shut the f*ck up! Geeks rule the world!” Girl: “Yeahhh but they aren’t getting their peepees waxed any time soon are they?” Lemme just remind you that this is a kid’s show BONUS SCENES From the anime “A Time to Screw” Man talking in a smug, deep voice: “All systems are a go.
I am in complete control.
I’m like a God overlooking his puny subjects.
It gets me hard…Ahh the power! My cock feels like it’s ten stories high!” (The man says all this while going through the controls of the boiler room) Warning: Mild NSFW picture ahead. Girl: “Oh yes, oh yes, you have one of the best titty rubbing techniques!” Guy: “I am aware that I have a superb titty rubbing technique but unfortunately your titties don’t rate” Girl: *Gasps* “I am aware I have small tits but as my aunt used to say, more than a mouthful is a waste anyway” Guy: *Knocks her down* “Have you ever tried to f*ck a box?” SAVAGE. Girl: “Do I look fat to you?” Guy: “Chill out, have a yogurt milkshake” Girl: “Is this fat free?” Guy: “Nothing in this world is non-fat.
That's why the world will explode one day”. That’s some deep sh*t my dude… Looks like these dubs need a lesson from the great Shakespeare.