A female teacher finds her sister fucking two dudes at her place. She decides to get in on the action... to protect her sister of course.

Which anime is the best anime according to you (except Death Note, Code Geass, Naruto, and Tokyo Ghoul)?

1.Attack on titan (must watch anime) 2.You lie in April (if you like romance then you should watch this) 3.Haikyuu (3 season has come and everyone is great) 4.Yowamushi pedal( watch all season) 5.Youkoso- jitsuryoku-shijo-shugi-no-kyoshitsue-e 6.
My teen romantic comedy snafu(protagonist is so hilarious) 7.Parasyt the maxym(Little bit dark but action packed) 8.Erased 9.Zetsuen no tempest 10.Golden time (this is also related to romance) 11.Natsume no Yujinchou (It is so heart warming and there are many season for this anime.) 12.Golden boy 13.Kino no tabi 14.One punch man (one of the best you should definitely watch this) 15.Hero no academia