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What are some anime with super smart main character?

Here’s something a little different to the OBVIOUS characters: Psycho Pass Akane Tsunemori is a smart character who’s skilled at police-work, understanding other people, and reverse-engineering what criminals are plotting. This is a police/sci-fi series. - Girls Und Panzer Smart strategist and tactician from the slice of life/military anime: Girls Und Panzer. - Noir Kirika is a “smarter than she looks” type of character.
Always one step ahead and able outwit her opponents. Noir is a mystery/drama series. - The Royal Tutor The tutor for 4 princes in a royal palace. Intelligent, witty, calculated and creative.
He’s quite a mystery. - You’re Under Arrest Miyuki works for he Tokyo Police force, and is regarded as the smartest member.
She’s the brains of each operation they undertake, with a sharp level of intelligence. - A Certain Scientific Railgun Knows a lot about hacking, computer networks, technology and things of hat nature. Few can challenge her when it comes to this expertise, as she’s super smart. - My Hero Academia He may not look like much, but with practice and hard work, Izuku Midoriya is one of the smartest characters around. He takes notes, observes, pays close attention, and then formulates a strategy from the info he’s gathered. It’s definitely a talent that shows his smarts. Honorable Mentions: Dragon Ball Z. Full Metal Panic. Guilty Crown. Robotic Notes.