Based on the game by Tinker Bell.

What do you think is the best anime of 2017 so far?

Kemono Friends took the entire anime community by storm and it certainly became the “anime of 2017” by fans all over the world Like My Little Pony, it is simple and easy to watch.
Despite the choppy low budget scenes, it is relatable and cute, with the voice actors going all out to portray the characters quite well.
It doesn’t really have a great storyline, but what makes it compelling to watch is the fact that it presents the show in a very National Geographic manner. Antho-esque animals makes things very tanoshii and relatable to the kids and viewers alike.
It gained a cult following and people started to get in the hype train, even as going as far to defend Tatsuki (the director) when Kemono Friends was taken over.
You can read the whole story here: Director Tatsuki Removed from Upcoming "Kemono Friends" Projects.
Thing is, Kemono Friends got popular because it reminded people of the child within them, that and it is simple to digest without the need of a complex plot. Because of this penguin Not everyday you get to see a penguin be infatuated with the cutout of the anime series.
This interaction had certainly garnered a lot of attention in the community and people had made so many memes out of it.
You can see for yourself here: Grape-kun But yeah.
Many of my friends got on the Kemono hype train because of this event.
This also shows us that animals are also capable of having feelings and sentient emotion, especially to cutouts My point still stands.
Kemono Friends is considered 2017’s most tanoshi anime of the year because in a nutshell: It is easy and relatable to watch, and very PG for children It crossed boundaries, and interacted with non-humans as well Strong themes of friendship and detailed outlook on the lives of the portrayed animals, making it relatable for kids. Memorable characters and novelty themes The true nature of the community which is centered around tolerance and creative commons