Based on the manga by Hiyo Hiyo.

How is it that humans have evolved beautiful females, whereas in animals, the male is beautiful and woos the females?

Humans are hairless apes.
They're really quite hideous, every single one of them.
Kind of like naked mole rats.
We think we're attractive because we're humans.
Obviously, our instincts and cultural upbringing tell us what features are attractive in a mate, so males think females are beautiful, but hetero women would much rather look at a gorgeous man than a gorgeous woman, so they disagree.
To a peacock, a peahen is the most beautiful thing he's ever seen.
Beauty is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder. Now, why do female humans appear to work harder to draw attractive males, rather than the other way around? I think this is your REAL question.
The answer is complicated.
First, humans are semi-monogamous, not polygamous the way our closest ape relatives are.
When one strong male serves a group of females, the females don't have to try to get his attention.
Second, males are not quite as sturdy as females, and are more aggressive and prone to warring.
This leads to a situation where, perhaps more often than not, there are fewer males than there are females.
That inspires competition among the females, who all want the best male to stay with them. Now, males want to attract the best female, too, so they also dress up, and preen, and pose, and brag, and display their fitness.
So it's really not just females trying to attract males, it works both ways. The other thing is purely about language itself.
Females are said to be beautiful, while the words we use to describe males are 'handsome, rugged, hot, etc".
Handsome means exactly the same thing as beautiful. Finally, males are visually oriented, and females are mentally oriented.
That is why men look at porn, and women read romance novels.
Believe me, they are exactly the same thing, lol.
So, men will watch a beauty pageant, and women will watch Beaches.
Or something.
You get the point.
It's not that women don't like to look at hot men, because they do - it's just not at the top of their priority list, the way it is for males.