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What are some of the best anime of the past 5 years?

Okay, I have just glanced through Wikipedia's lists of anime from 2017 to 2012.
It took me close to 10 mins just to look through. I hope my list is comprehensive enough. Most interesting concept First, Children the Whales (Kujira no Kora wa Sajou no Utau) The concept that is shown is very unique.
The oceans of sand, portraying a once active tectonic planet that has remained dormant of sand is very original, and the concept of thymia, with it's flowing symbols add an extra fantastical element.
Of course while the Greek in the show (Falaina, Skylos etc.) is unoriginal, it does add a sense of mystism to me who does not know much Greek. Second, Made in Abyss A very close second, this show's atmosphere can be succinctly described in a single line: “Parting is painful, but we have to go deeper” (Preferably while listening to Hanazeve Caradhina). While not immediately obvious, the actions of all the main characters all reflect a strong and ruthless sense of necessity, driven by a nearly maniacal desire to explore.
The show makes it seem so natural to take enormous risks, to go deeper knowing they'll never make it back alive, that when it finally hits you, you get a shock.
This show reflects sheer tenacity, compounded by the young ages of the main character Riko and juxtaposed with stunning environments and cute backgrounds, reflecting the perilous beauty of the Abyss. Third, Clockwork Planet This is even more subtle than the one above because the concept of stagnation is not immediately noticeable through the actions of the characters, (and is also ruined by the sheer overpoweredness of the main characters).
Instead it is the small things like the fact that the organisation at the front of science mainly repairs and maintains the current system, rather than improve it, that really reveals how much society has taken their science for granted.
Even as their technology falls apart they don't seem alternatives, being content with less liveable area. Most thought-provoking First, Death Parade This show is about the arbitration of souls, the process of which a soul is judges to see if he or she deserves redemption or hell.
As such, it is not hard to see that it would be the most thought-provoking show of the past five years.
Each episode judges 2 different people ranging from murderous to the accidental death, reflecting their life choices, and intentions.
It also explores the role emotions play in driving actions, and how you should never judge a book by it's cover. Second, To the New World (Shin Sekai Yori) It's kinda a spoiler for this series but the twists and the meaning and purpose of life are debated here, with a very unique and special ending.
If you were given a choice, would you pick life in the Matrix given that you have no hope anywhere else? (The Monogatari series used to be here, before I realised that the Wikipedia list was incomplete and I added Shin Sekai Yori) Third, Blackrock Shooter This anime is not really thought-provoking per se, but is very very deep with lots of symbolism.
This anime is the only one that I could confidently write a literature essay on, due to it's characterisation.
The entire show is simply a huge study of the main character, Mato's emotional state, using colours, fighting and words as analogies.
The concept is this “ When you feel emotionally hurt, you're actually fine since someone else takes the physical pain for you.” I recommend this to literally everyone, and so far all the people I have recommended (with the exception of 1 guy who gave up in 5 mins) think this is good. Best science-based First, Heavy Object This one combined nice hard science with a decent romance plot, a nice mech concept, and an amazing political background.
In this world, due to millions of factions in constant war, the world map is ever changing and is likened to stained glass.
The best hard science anime around. Second, This one, while the science used here is one level above Heavy Object, has a terrible romance, and disappointing ending.
It depicts the MC slowly transitioning to become unfeeling, and machines, vice versa, blurring the lines between human and machines, on top of awesome science battles. Third, Sidonia Sidonia while significantly less science based as compared to that of the above, provides a really interesting sci-fi concept, and it's also a pioneer in good 3D animation.
It clearly states the limitations of living in space, even with insane technologies. Best warfare Firstly, Alderamin of the Sky (Nejimaki Seirei Senki, Tenkyou no Alderamin) This show is hands down the greatest medieval strategy anime ever made.
I've been searching for ages and no anime is even close to a shadow of this.
Extremely recommended.
Not only are the feats incredible, they are accurately reasoned out, taking into account of all evidence available.
This means that if you tried hard enough given available information, you can derive the stuff yourself, unlike all those other trashy strategy shows where the MCs just magically know what to do. Second, Madan no Ou to Vanadis This show tries to give some form of strategy and is rather interesting for those not familiar with this genre.
Rare where the main character is a male archer, not some hot headed sword bludgeoner, or cool-headed sniper. Third, GATE: and thus the JSDF fought there This show portrays an interesting concept: Real world JSDF (Japanese version of the army) find themselves in a fantasy world with magic.
Really cool clashes with tanks against dragons and natives staring at helicopters as if they were holy angels.
Pretty nice that there was a scene where the JSDF helped out during an earthquake — we all know Japanese earthquake protection is legendary. Best mental stimulation First, Sagrada Reset. There's a very good reason why Death Note isn't on this list and it's not just the release date.
For all who think that Death Note is the greatest mind game anime ever please watch this series. I mean sure, it's subjective but just watch it first. In my opinion, Sagrada Reset is one of the greatest works of this decade.
Name me a form of media that has future prediction, perfect knowledge, time reversal, time stopping, and a whole host of super abilities with virtually zero plot holes.
In addition, not only are there loads of huge twists in the series, they're all predictable if only you're smart enough.
You'll practically never see anything coming, then curse yourself for not noticing it.
The foreshadowing is so deep that clear evidence of each twist can be traced back up to 6 episodes before. Second, No Game No Life This one's a classic.
The characters are likable and OP, make the funniest quotes, have really dramatic moments, and always wreck the crap out of everyone they meet.
Each episode never lets you down. Third, Classroom of the Elite This one is also a mind game show, probably on par if not worse than Death Note, but I like how the main character is portrayed as unfeeling to the point of awesomeness and ruthless to the point of beauty.
Also the quotes and the eye colours of the characters are nice. Best Overpowered Main Characters First, Problem Children Are Coming to This World Aren't They? (Mondaji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru sou desuyo?) This one has a really very overpowered MC, whose talent is Code: Unknown, the ability to “Destroy the Earth, Heavens and the Stars”.
His ability grants him insane speed, insane strength, and insane destructive abilities, able to destroy even the abilities of others.
Additionally, he's also pretty smart, not some dumbass and knows a whole lot of information. Second, One Punch Man Okay this is basically meme material, and is one of the most funniest parody shows I've watched.
I'm sure you know about this series. Third, Aesthetica of a Rouge Hero (Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica) Basically, random people are sent into a fantasy world with the choice of either magic of martial arts.
Of course everyone picks magic, but the one guy that picks martial arts beats the demon lord and returns to the real world.
It's quite a nice series, with a sweet ending. Best Romance First, Chuunibyou, Love and other delusions (Chuunibyou ni koi ga Shitai) This series is here because of two reasons, firstly, I didn't watch Your Lie in April, and secondly, it has the most satisfying romance.
The concept of Chuunibyou is expressed so fervently in this show and defended so well that I saw Chuunibyou in a new light after watching it.
(Additionally, I believe that “Inside Identity” should be the official Chuunibyou anthem) Second, Tsurezure Children This show is an excellent starter for romance anime, and really funny and sweet.
It has the best parts of romance anime all rolled into one. Third, SukaSuka (Shuumatsu wa Nani Shiteimasuka? Isogashii desuka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desuka?) A really touching romantic tragedy, with it's really emotional story being shown while brilliant OSTs were playing.
The climax had two full songs playing back to back to emphasise the sadness, and it's really poignant.
The concept is also very unique and much more than it seems, with mid-series revelations that take time to digest.
Also, really sad plot twists. Best historical First, Drifters Drifters puts loads of prominent historical figures into a fantasy land plays them against each other.
Figures include Joan of Arc, Oda Nobunaga, Hannibal of Greece, and Adolf Hitler, and what seems to be Jesus.
(Spoiler: Psudo - Jesus is ridiculously powerful, he's basically destroying the oppressive government onehandedly).
Not for the conservative Christian Second, Katsugeki Touken Rambu Also by Unlimited Budget Works (a.k.a.
Ufotable) the art is ridiculously good for anime.
The historical details are fairly accurate, and with the personalities reflecting the swords owners, this show is very engaging, informative, and basically good.
Additionally, the end theme is by Kalafina. Third, Oda no Shinobi Basically a history lesson told firsthand, this show is really very packed with information, and you may find yourself pausing to absorb the information, making a 1.5 min episode seem more like 4min.
The jokes scattered throughout the show are really funny, and it makes the show interesting, together with the overpowered yet dumb MC. Best Comedy First, Didn't You Hear, I'm Sakamoto (Sakamoto desu ga) Basically as said in the OP, Sakamoto is a student who leads an unbelievably stylish highschool life, and everything he does is “Cool, Cooler, Coolesto!” (Which sounds like cool, cooler cholesterol).
It's really really funny.
This show has a 100% like rate among all my friends and basically everyone I know due to it's humour. Second, Gintama A Gintama arc was released recently so it counts.
Gintama is probably the best parody anime of all time, and is consistently ranked high in the comedy list.
It's really very funny with all the references and weird stuff that the characters do.
A quick search on YouTube will yield instant results. Third, Daily Lives of Highschool Boys (Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou) This show is really funny as well, kinda like a unhyped Nichijou with a guy cast.
Many say they can identify well with the characters, although I don't really do so.
Basically just a group of guys having fun, screwing up, or playing pranks in a funny way. Best slice-of-life First, Girls Last Tour (Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou) This show has a dystopian premise, and as such some episodes can be really touching as you really feel for the girls just wishing for a home.
As they journey alone through a wartorn wasteland, concepts such as survival, war, and meaning of life come into play, making each episode fulfilling.
All the random weapons and planes are also a treat for the eyes, although it's kind of weird to see the weapons of so many different countries scattered in one place. Second, The Ancient Magus Bride (Mahoutsukai no Yome) Absolutely stunning environments, western folklore (unique for anime) a OST that plays at just the right moments make this anime truely worth watching.
The romance also develops over time, slowly, and Chise's loyalty makes the show rather good.
The wide variety of magical beasts make the scenery seem exotic, and the MCs clumsiness provides just the right amount of comedic effect to lighten the mood. Third, Kokoro Connect This is a fantastic anime that deals with human nature.
What happens if you were able to see your friend’s true selves and hear their thoughts? Watch as several incidents test the friendship of a group of five close-knit friends and how their relationships evolve over time.
(I recently took my national exams, and one of the essay topics was about always telling the truth.
I argued against it and I got an A.
All credits to this anime).
This anime explores deep concepts and gives insights into different people.
It’s characterisation as such, is second only to Blackrock Shooter. Best Magic-based Firstly, Akashic Records of the Bastard Magic Instructor ( Akashic Records has one of the most structured magic systems in anime.
There are clear cut rules how words of chants affect the output of spells, meaning that characters can’t just pull crap out of nowhere.
It’s premise is also very similar to Sky Wizard’s Academy, but beats it in every aspect - the teacher is still reluctant, still overpowered, but his fatal flaw shines more strongly in this series.
The students he takes on are also very suspicious of him at the beginning, but they are much more likeable, with less flat personalities.
(Warning, it has the worst first episode ever, so please bear with it) Secondly, Trinity Seven Although this series is on the ecchi side of things, the magic system is again cool, based on the seven sins, with each sin having three aspects.
The power levels in this series are really vast and varied, with mages that master all three aspects known as Trinities and mages that master all 7 sins known as Paladins.
Apparently Paladins are so powerful that if they fought they’ll destroy the world, so paladins of enemy factions just sit at the sidelines and chitchat while the foot soldiers are fighting to the death. Thirdly, Shuumatsu no Izetta This show is quite inspiring, at least to me.
I like how the patroitism is clearly reflected in the show, although the ending was really abrupt and seemed like a mistake on the main characters part.
The way that the magic uses ley lines is not original, but gets interesting when you realise that the lines can get depleted.
Also the concept of witches on rifles makes quite a conversation starter.