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How do I draw cool anime character?

“Cool” can be used in different ways.
If you like something, then it’s cool.
Here are some details: Draw a modern or your favorite anime hairstyle.
You can search up hairstyles on the internet or just look at magazines for sources.
If you’re drawing a modern boy, then draw an undercut, curly Afro, pompadour, whatever.
If you’re more interested in drawing emo haircuts then draw side bangs that cover an eye, whatever you want.
If you’re drawing a modern girl, then draw long/short curly hair, long/short straight hair.
There are way more hairstyles for girls than guys.
If you’re drawing anime boys or girls, remember it’s signature hair: spikes.
Many male characters have messy, straight, spiky hair in bangs.
Many female characters have long straight hair or just average length.
Most anime females have male haircuts, too, but a slightly longer version. Draw clothes that suit the character.
I personally like urban clothes like joggers, T-Shirts, hoodies, ripped jeans, etc.
If you want to concentrate more on anime-styled clothes then you can observe the details of character in anime episode.
You can also look up specifically what you want.
It can be skater, school uniform, hippie, party outfit, lazy outfit (like sweatpants and a random shirt), or holiday themed. Draw shoes.
You can draw high-heels, brand sneakers (like Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Asics, Converse, Hurley etc), Mary Janes, flats, boots, or sandals.
It really depends on your character design. Drawing faces is quite interesting.
If you’re not sure what to draw, then look at other people’s designs, observe human faces around you and yours, or just look it up on the internet. Drawing skin is fun.
If you just want to draw basic skin colors you can look for skin swatches.
Test all your skin tone drawing supplies and see how they look.
Skin doesn’t always have to look normal.
Your character can be from another dimension or planet.
They can be blue, green, yellow, grey, whatever that suits you! Drawing weight on a person is okay, too.
I usually draw skinny or fit people, but I feel like my characters should be real, not perfect.
Chubby anime people are adorable, especially on children.
Experiment with different body types, too.
Your character can be skinny, fit, chubby, or overweight.
Depends on what you think looks better. Well, I hope this helped!