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What does your spirit animal look like?

The turtle In the native part of my family, it is believed that your animal spirit reveals itself to you at some point in your life to help you.
At different times, there are different animal spirits that reveal themselves to you.
( Hence, it is possible to have more than one dream or one vision in your life.) Those that come to you in a dream are those that can guide you. The morning after I had my dream, I just had to write about it.
It was so powerful and it came out in the form of a poem. Have a look if you are inclined to read about my dream.
I titled it Turtle Woman I love how the native people describe the animal's spirits.
I would like to share some of the native meaning with my animal spirit the turtle. It is believed that the turtle is connected to all the layers of our world. I find that interesting. The shell is symbolic of the heavens. - It is believed that the markings on the turtle's back has the constellations of the stars.
I do not quite understand but it is linked to the thirteen lunar cycles. The body is symbolic of the earth - My father told me of an ancient story that at some point, there was a huge change with the earth and in order to save the creature, the turtle took the north american continent on its back and slowly walked to a safe place in order to help its creatures survive.
That is why we are part of what we call the turtle clan. The undershell represents the underworld The place where you need to be part of in order to find your path and live with the consequences of your choices. That is all that I know from what my father told me. PS: I found this site that is interesting. Have a look if you wish. This site is very interesting.
It has been created by the American Indian Council.