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What are effects of watching lots of anime?

I was ranting to my big brother about how I'm soooo asocial and quiet in school then he told me "why don't you just be like how you are here?" Then I said "what?!? You want me to talk like this so fast and annoying voice/weird/ hyper/ waahhh ?!? Voice/Tone??" Then he said "maybe you speak like that because of watching anime" then my big sis butt in and said "she's starting to copy anime characters". These are based of on myself; not generalizing, tell me I'm not alone. Bad Effect 1- You start sounding like anime characters. I don't know with you guys but when I'm speaking, especially when I'm excited I'll speak fast, sound hyper, and my voice kinda starts sounding small, and I'll go shout "waaahhh" "kyaaa" arghh.
I'm not sure how to prove this, but the fact that people I'm close with tell me I sound like anime characters is for me enough proof. We used to have a group of anime lovers in school and whenever I talked to them, to me they kinda sound like anime characters especially when they're telling an exciting story. I don't think it's good to sound like anime characters because in real life it looks weird, your voice not suiting your body. Bad Effect 2- You start acting like anime characters Maybe a few of you are also guilty of this.
Their gestures, you copy them. Ex. Putting your hands in your face and going like this "She's so beautiful~" or "I'm so happy" Putting your hand in front of you and saying "I can do this" or "Yoshh!" or "Oww!! We can do this!!" Shouting "AHH!!" out loud when you see somebody you know in a place you didn't expect to. I used to do this, I stopped.
I still shout "AHH!!" though, whenever I finally understand something and get a sudden good idea. Opening your mouth like this when you're really amazed.
I don't see my classmates nor my friends do this when they're amazed.
I do it though. I saw this woman I've been avoiding all my life and am afraid of and when I saw her and she saw me I froze, literally as in I was like in walking position but not walking for 8 seconds thinking what shoud I do?!! Should I runaway?!.
So yeah freezing, doesn't that happen in anime? They freeze. Know any more examples of gestures you adapted unconsciously? Bad Effect 3- You feel like when you do these it looks cool; Carrying your bag like this.
Seriously, it doesn't look cool in real life.
Only a few can pull it off. Putting your jacket on your shoulder and not actually wearing it. Sure it's cute when it's a guy's jacket in the cinema but when it's your own and you wear it everyday like that.
The hell.
(I knew this anime lover who wore his jacket everyday like this, I don't know if it's because he watched prince of tennis and it looks cool on them but in real life.
Dude don't) You think being clumsy is cute. I used to think it was until one time I fell in front of a huge crowd like a mini market and everyone became silent and looked at me!!! It was embarassin' my gosh and the wounds hurt (T3T) Bad Effect 4- You start running like them (╥_╥) you know how anime characters run right?? Here a gif in anime A gif in real life It actually looks ok? I thought it'd look bad. Yeah the naruto ninja run.
I'm sure you tried this before.
My nephew used to run like this, good thing he stopped. Real life Ya get my point? Bad Effect 5- You'd start wanting to wear glasses because of the thought that it looks cool and you'll be like Ishida.
Lol When I was in grade 6 I watched Bleach and saw Ishida do this And then I thought anime characters with glasses look so cool.
"I wish my eyes needed to wear glasses so I could do that put your glasses up gesture too and look so cool".
( I don't know why I didn't just think of wearing it even without needing it) so yeah my wish came true -.- Do you know how annoying it is to be unable to identify who's who and what's what without glasses, it's a blurred world. Be careful what you wish for. Bad Effect 6- You copy this sleepy eyes when you are bored My classmate told me "Wanda why did your eyes started to look like they're always sleepy? They weren't like that when we were in grade 6." After she told me that, I did the bored eyes less. Bad Effect 7- You start talking to yourself (╥_╥) I've seen a lot of anime characters talk to themselves, I know that the only reason they do this is for us to understand them by hearing their thoughts but seriously tis so weird in real life. Ex: Saying your thoughts aloud "Should I do this? But if I chose this then this'll happen.
Hmm" I talk to myself often and not only that, when I talk to myself, like some anime characters, I refer to myself in the third person. Ex: "Wanda why're you so stupid!!! You shouldn't have done that!" Of course I try my best to only talk to myself when I'm alone, sadly sometimes someone hears me and gets weirded out. Bad Effect 8 You start wearing anime merchandise and or styles It's not actually bad, yeah there are those which looks good, but some take it to a whole new level. Like this. Ya understand?. Bad Effect 9- You'll lack sleep That feeling where you just don't want to stop watching the anime cause it's just so niceeee and you wanna see the next episode already and without noticing the sun is already rising and boom it's morning.
I only do this during summer vacation, but sleeping late until midnight, yep I'm guilty. Bad Effect 10- *insert drumroll* *Thunun!!* Weeaboo phase!! I'm sure you guys have been through this for at least once in your life or even right now. You start using Japanese words and inserting them in your sentences even if the person you're talking to doesn't understand what the hell you are saying. I used to shout "Itaiiii!!!" instead of "ouch".
I used to add desu~.
Can you get my pencil desu.
Why are you reading this desu?.
As in in every effin end of the sentence desu.
Good thing I now know it sounds hella annoying desu.
I still say some Japanese words today unconsciously but not as much as before tatoeba( for example) "Nande????-3-" "jyane" "Matta ashita" " Daisuki~" I am so kawaii desu. Despite all these, nahh not gonna entirely stop watching anime since I'm not watching right now 'cause of my GCness in school.
It also has Good effects.
I'll make a blog about it if I feel like it. All the gifs here are actions anime charas do that I ended up doing too. Onegaishimasu don't be a baka desu. If you know more, SUGGEST!! I might add them here. Waiting for the hate.
If there are any..