Based on the erotic game Shin Hitou Meguri by Potage.

Is anime considered Japanese propaganda?

That would be true if it wasn't for the fact that the Japanese economy is on just as shaky ground as the rest of the world. Now most anime is just simple entertainment, the Pokemon types and such.
Others are serious topics, Ghost in the Shell, Gundam.
But what most anime fans don't know is the series Lain was a critique on America. So there are some political messages in some, but no more than the propaganda in American Hollywood movies and TV shows. Also, anime(as we know it) has been around for around 50 years its only gotten popular in about the last maybe 5 maybe 10 years. There is no propaganda unless you count the American company's since they are the ones that buy the rights from the Japanese and sell it to us.
Then its not the Japanese making money but the north American company's profiting from or mass buying of anime.
Though I’m sure the japanese artists get some sort of royalty from what’s sold in north america. I hope I have answered your question. Peace!