Mitsuko has always lived a simple life as a housewife, but things changed once she moved away from Tokyo to live with her husband's family. She never though doing a small favor for her husband's father would lead into a world full of lust. Now, she is a love puppet for her husband's father...

Should I read Boruto (the manga) or watch the anime series?

As it is said in the beginning of the Boruto manga, this is not the story of a kid who wants to become Hokage.
If you want to read it, you have to start thinking of it as Boruto’s story, not the continuation of Naruto. As someone who recently started reading it, I can tell you that the first 8 or 9 episodes are a recap of the “Boruto movie”, plus one added “prophecy” of sorts from the villain to Boruto.
I haven’t gotten too far ahead on the story after that, so I can’t say much.
For now, the story is easy to follow, the action is okay, but for now I haven’t gotten too attached to Boruto as a character.
On a similar note, the anime just recently finished an alright arc centered around friendship and broken hearts, and it seems that they intend to continue with the same story as the manga. So, to conclude, if you liked Naruto and wish to read Boruto to continue reading on his father, you can forget about it.
This is Boruto’s story; Naruto has become a secondary (or absent) character.
Much of the story itself has been okay so far.
I really expect it to get better, but you may not have enough patience.
I recommend you read it if you are interested in Boruto as a person.
Still, it is not a series I would recommend right away. PS: I actually have not gotten the impression that Sarada has been oversexualized.
The text on your link tells about a cover and some outfits she has been seen wearing through the series.
I have been oblivious about it up until now.
Hipothetically speaking, if Sakura (her mother) bought her those clothes, she must be okay with them.
So then, why should we care, right? On a separate note, Sarada is still treated as a secondary character, but she has been far more active in the story than Naruto.