High Wizard Asuka is a cute, pretty, intelligent, and self-conceited girl. On the eve of the final boss battle, she seeks out her partner, Kei, in his bedroom in order to ascertain her feelings.

Which are the two legendary anime in your opinion?

Narrowing it down to 2 is quite difficult, to be honest.
But, I’ll try.
Had a look at the other answers, so I’ll put some new names here instead of repeating the same ones.
Also, Dragon Ball series and Naruto are iconic, not legendary because they are most likely to be the first anime you have ever seen rather than being actually good(They aren’t bad, but compared to true masterpieces, rather average) Fate franchise(Stay Night routes, Zero, Apocrypha, Grand Order): The premise is that the Holy Grail is an artifact that can make your wildest dreams come true, so a certain few ‘worthy’ people are chosen by the Grail, who will then fight in a battle royale to determine who gets the Grail and gets their wishes granted.
For this, they are allowed to summon beings called Servants who can fight the other participants and their Servants.
The role of the Master is to provide mana so that the Servants, who are reincarnated heroes from the past, can stay on in the corporeal world and also to fight if required.
If they win the War and hence, the Grail, both Master and Servant are allowed to ask for a wish.
Masters have various aspirations or other wishes while Servants mainly wish to erase whatever regrets they might have had during their lives(Vlad wishes to erase the fact that he was known as a vampire, Diarmuid wishes to prove his loyalty, ‘King Arthur’ wishes to rectify the part of ‘his’ rule that went wrong etc).
This leads to a clash of ideals as all these characters interact with, fight with or against or work with each other leading to interesting scenarios which may get pretty dark.
I would recommend the Stay Night routes and Zero.
Apocrypha and Grand Order are not related to the original storyline and got mediocre anime adaptations. 2.
Hellsing Ultimate: Vampires, werewolves, the supernatural, the Vatican Church, politics, secretive organisations and Nazis come together in this epic violent modern action fantasy that its hard to pass up.
With a splattering of good comedy and enough blood and violence to bathe the city of London(literally) in blood, this action anime has some of the best written dialogues in all anime.
Supernatural creatures are ravaging the United Kingdom, so much that it has got the government worried.
Standard weapons aren’t good enough to fight them and ghouls, lesser vampires and zombies infest the more rural parts of the country.
Enter the Hellsing Organisation, a government authorized military organisation who has the right to eradicate said supernatural vermin at will, for Queen and country.
Their greatest weapon, the immortal and most powerful vampire, Alucard.
The Vatican monster fighting group Iscariot also wishes to fight the good fight but they are not in agreement with the English government over the usage of Alucard(They are fanatics who wish death and devastation over all supernatural beings regardless of their moral standpoint.
Even if you are a good vampire, they will not hesitate to end your existence).
There is also a Nazi group led by a man known only as the Major(one of the most evil anime characters).
They went into hiding when the Third Reich fell and researched on supernatural being for many years, creating an army of such creatures and hoping to conquer all of the world, starting from England.
They attack London, the Hellsing Org.
gets there to stop them and Iscariot also gets there, hoping to destroy both the Nazis and Hellsing in one fell swoop.
What results is the most intence Mexican standoff in anime history culminating in one of the biggest bloodbaths in the history of anime.
Yeah, this anime isn’t exactly fit for kids.
I would recommend watching the English dub instead of subbed.
This is one of the rare anime where the dub is actually better.