Based on the manga by Dozamura (どざむら)

Which anime character are you?

We all love anime and we fantasize anime characters.
We tend to copy them, behave similar to them.
I too idolize many of the anime characters.
But the anime character I find myself similar too is UCHIHA SASUKE. Do I have sharingan? No. Am I a chick magnet? Nope Well I am clearly not good looking and smart as him but we share a lot of common traits. The thing we have in common is ATTITUDE We share similar death glares XD. We both have high self esteem. We both are somewhat cold looking face but have a caring heart. One more thing we have in common is we like tomatoes XD.
We both don't care a damn about relationship.
We don't talk much.
We believe in doing.
We never crave for attention.