It's time for the local summer festival and Kentarou is accompanying Shizue, who has come to visit after being away for a few years. During the festival Kentarou leaves Shizue alone for a bit, and when he finds her again he sees a shocking scene...

Why should I consider watching the anime "One Piece"?

My anime journey started with Naruto… I finished the shonen episodes in 3 days, and by the end of the week I was already caught up with Naruto Shippuden real time (This is that time when I had just joined my first job…) And the waiting made me restless.
I was hooked on anime and thought why not catch up on all other anime series meanwhile… Now if you have seen Naruto, you will know that it is perhaps one of the greatest anime ever made.
And I wanted something of that caliber to be my next anime.
So like any other anime fan, I googled the list of top anime to be watched.
And after a lot of research I selected One Piece. The animation was crappy, the MC a nincompoop.
To be honest it atrocious.
It had me wondering how did this end up on the best list.
I think that time one piece had 600 odd episodes and I thought I would give myself 30 episodes before I decide whether I wanna stop or not.
Around that time, the Arlong Arc starts.
I was still not convinced but I thought I would at least end the arc.
And then came the episode which nailed the craze of One Piece straight to my heart. The Walk to Arlong Park!!! I tell you… My goosebumps got goosebumps at this scene.
This was also the first time that the One Piece theme was played during a fight… And thats it… I needed no more convincing… 2 years and 780 episodes later, I think if you ask me why should you consider watching one piece, Its because of The characters: An Idiot captain, the badass first mate, The perv cook, the greedy navigator, the lying sharpshooter, the queer archaeologist, the reindeer who is a doctor, the cyborg shipwright and the dead singer! Could you get a crazier team together? Their boat scenes are an amazing watch. The backstories: Right from the Arlong Arc to the Enies Lobby Arc… The backstories of the main characters have tore its fans into tears.
Why just the Straw Hats, even the villains at times have crazy back stories (**cough Senor Pink… Hardboiled **cough).
These help associate with a character to such an extent that you feel you are in the story itself. The villains: On my!!! The villains in this story are just too amazing.
Arlong, Kuro, Buggy, Akainu, Crocodile, Enel, Cipher Pol, Doflamingo, Blackbeard, Big mom, Kaido to name a few… Extremely unique characters and picturization ( you actually start hating them), great side characters and exquisite story build ups… Each villain has tested Luffy till his limit until he has come up with a very creative way of beating them. The Fight scenes: I will never forget Enel’s face when he realizes his powers are useless against Luffy.
Or the first time Luffy uses gear second against Blueno.
The way Luffy comes out of the Dolphin’s mouth and punches Hordy.
When Zoro cuts Daz Bones, man of steel.
When Sanji kicks Vergo to save Tashigi.
I can go on and on and on. The Epic Scenes: If I were to describe One Piece in one line it would - ‘One Piece is a collection of Epic Scenes’ and I wouldn’t be the least bit wrong.
I have cried when Going Merry was burnt, I have cried when Ace died I have jumped with joy when Sogeking burnt the World Government flag, I ran around screaming in my house when Luffy landed the first punch on Doflamingo, I have seen the scene where Luffy kicks some Pacifista -ass in Sabaody on loop, I cant stop the flow here NAKAMA: This word defines the anime.
Originally the anime subbed Nakama for friends.
But then they changed it and kept it as Nakama in English as well… because English didn't have a word for Nakama.
Its more than friends… nakama is an emotion!!! And the extent to which Luffy is willing to push himself for his nakama is just mesmerizing. And that’s all the story is all about.
A crazy crew on a crazy journey to achieve their dreams fighting legends on the way, growing and developing on the way.
They are redefining the very idea friendship and taking us on one heck of a journey… the Journey to be the Pirate King! Sayonara! Edit: I forgot to add an essential part of One Piece: Dialogues: This is like the garnishing of the dish.
As if everything else wasn’t perfect, some of the dialogues hit the right note every single time.
I am adding pics for those (ceremoniously downloaded from google) cause somehow that’s how I would see them… When Sanji refuses to join Luffy’s crew: Doflamongo’s Immortal Lines: The end of Impel Down.
Bon chan’s sacrifice will forever remain in our hearts. He may be the Ero-Cook.
But he is also a man of the highest principles… This dialogue is absolutely epic!!!! *Sob* The whole arc! Every scene was colored with EPIC juice! Hear Hear! The best dreams often have the simplest reasons!!! And how can I forget… Edit: Adding 2 pics..
1 due to reader demand, 2 due to manga updates… When Zorro takes all of Luffy's pain after his fight with Gekko Moria… there is blood everywhere and when Sanji asks Zoro, all he answers is “Nothing”… talk about the most badass first mate in the history of first mates… 2. The transformation of Carrot! Sayonara!!!