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What is a good introductory anime movie for people who hate anime?

You should never include any anime like Cowboy Bepop for an introductory anime.
Not because it’s bad or something, simply because it is old and people that hate anime will obviously not like it.
You have to find something that is have a fast climax or a strong attraction like Re Zero.
Well, Re Zero is not perfect, but it definitely is good.
The genre also depends, say for people that like myth give them Fate series.
For people who likes art give them an anime that does not have intense action and are beautiful such as Violet Evergarden.
If one likes mistery let them watch something like Another.
But never feed them shounen anime like One Piece or Naruto.
People that hate anime usually lost their interest the moment they saw the shounen characters and the low resolution.
Even if you are introducing shounen genre anime you can use a more recent one such as Megola Box.
Do not use anime where they uses much Japanese jokes or stuff like that, do not use something with much fan service(it’s just another point they can use to criticize anime), use the kind of anime that matches their taste and have a more common language between you guys.
Bringing someone into anime is all about attraction and communitication.
You get my idea. Never mind, I just realized that the question is asking of MOVIES.
So that was a waste of time writing these.
But the idea is still the same.
There is once my friend try to introduce someone to anime by Pokémon movie, and you can imagine the result did not turn out well. Not really sure what this means but, thanks for the A2A.