Takeshi's mother, Shino, and sister, Shinobu, are not blood-related to Takeshi. Although Shinobu attaches herself to Takeshi, she seems to refuse her mother. Except for that, they are peaceful family at first glance. However, there's a secret in this family. Takeshi is taken into Shino's room at night, and he is forced to do sex with her ignoring his will. Because he doesn't want Shinobu to look down on him knowing their relations, he has to obey.

What are your favorite opening and closing song in anime?

Well then if you are ready here I go. Openings Hikaru Nara by Goose House Blue Bird by Ikimonogakari Haruka Kanata by Asian Kungfu generation Hard Knock Days by Generation from Exile tribe Crossing Fields by Yui Sakakibara Asterisk by Orange Uverworld by D-techno life Alones by Aqua Timez Unravel by Ling Toiste Sigure Brave Shine by Aimer After Dark by Asian Kungfu Generation Rain by SiD Ranbu no melody by SiD Hologram by NiCO Touches the Walls Abnormalize by Ling Toiste Sigure Enigmatic feeling by Ling Toiste Sigure Ignite by Eir Aoi Motteke! Sailor Fuku from Lucky star My Dearest by Supercell Period by Chemistry the World by Nightmare This game by Kimono Suzuki Pre-parade from Toradora Tank! by The Seatbelts Change by Miwa My soul Your Beats by Lia Again by Yui Sakakibara CliCK by ClariS COLORS by Flow Ambiguous by GARNiDELiA Battlecry by Nujabes Blue by ViViD Kuchizuke Diamond by Weaver Borderlands by Mami Kawada Disillusion by Tainaka Sachi Flyers by BRADIO Gekijou Ron by ZAQ Gurren no Yumia by Linked Horizon Hacking to the Gate by Kaito Mui Out of control by Nothing's Craved in Stones Rising Rainbow by Misokkasu The HERO!! by the JAM Project Velonica by Aqua Timez Ending ALL OF THE EGOIST.............
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