Based on the manga by Erect Sawaru.

Which is better, a sub-titled or a dubbed anime?

So recently - I watched Kono Subarashii… It’s a comedy/fantasy series I doubt you haven’t heard of. Think of it as “the new Gintama”. Anyway - I watched the subbed version because there was NO dub at the time. And after getting half way through… I gave up. Why? The voices are f*** terrible. Megumin (character above) has the worst voice from my point of view. I couldn’t bear with it. Luckily for me - the dub was released LITERALLY a week after I seen the sub. And here’s the thing: my opinion completely changed. Now I like Megumin’s role more than ever, and the overall voice actors in general.
They’re a good fit for each characters personalities. On the other hand - this anime is Magical Girl: Spec Ops Asuka. A new take on the magical girl genre. It’s still airing and I started watching the subbed version.
I’ve grown attached to the voices, I think they’re great (despite it being Japanese, obviously). Now there’s also a dubbed version, so I watched to compare the differences. Surprisingly - I think the DUB is even worse than the original. Which is the complete opposite of what happened after seeing Konosuba. Question: Which is better - a subtitled or a dubbed anime? Here’s what I say: It comes down to which version you watch first.
My mind “might” have changed if I watched Spec Ops Asuka dubbed beforehand. Depending on which version you’re used to, you’ll be “bias” towards the dubbed or subbed versions.
More often than not. It all comes down to preference.
Some people like Konosuba’s voice actors in the subbed version, but I don’t. Unless the translation is awful (which isn’t the case these days) there is no argument for “which version is better”. There’s too many variables to come to a solid conclusion. And besides - for every 1 dub, there are 100’s of subs.
So it’s an unequal comparison to begin with.