Based on a doujin game by Orcsoft.

Which anime/manga plot do you want to change the most?

Angel Densetsu. From my opinion, the most hilarious manga I’ve ever read, and possibly the most hilarious manga ever made.
If you read it, there’s a 90% guarantee that you’ll drop on the floor laughing and wet the carpet.
With your tears. The guy is genuinely meaning what he says.
He’s not being sarcastic, I promise. The manga is about a very good and genius high school student.
However, his face is very scary (look up for reference), and that gets him into frequent trouble with gang members of the schools in his district, simply because they feel intimidated by him.
The plot progresses as he tries to make friends.
It’s funny and creative, and lengthy. But why would I want to change it if I enjoy it so much? Truth is, I don’t want to change any of the story, writing, or dialogue.
It’s the best there is. I want to change the art style. This was the first manga made by the mangaka, Norihiro Yagi, who later went on to work on Claymore.
However, this being his first manga, the art style is bad, and several panels are lacking in details. It does not take away from the overall experience (you’ll still be laughing your ass off), but an improved art style would suit the setting even more and make it even funnier, while attracting even more readers who are simply turned off by the lacking art, unaware that they are missing out on a hidden gem.