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How is anime viewed in Russia?

There are dozens of pirate sites where anime appears on the day of release, with voice acting in Russian. All that is now on all Japanese channels on the day of the broadcast is duplicated. It's just a very popular sphere, but the Japanese want a lot of money for anime, and we are a very poor country.
In addition, legal translators translate everything very long. Pirates in the next few hours.
And they earn on advertising, very little money, but enough to support the work of sites and seiyu at minimum.
Translators are basically students who so gain experience for free.
The distribution is also supported by the pirate community of hacktivists "defenders of the digital heritage".
Because of the commercial system, many materials disappear after they cease to make a profit.
They are simply destroyed.
They also ensure the preservation of any creative information created by man, rare and old films, music, programs. They support the distribution of data through torrents.
And they get anime recording it from the air of Japanese TV channels, sometimes getting from studio servers.