Based on the adult manga by Toruneko.

What are some good anime shows for a first time anime watcher?

If you're new to all this and are just looking for anime, just use this list as a reference to which shows you should start with. Nanatsu no taizai Twin star exorcist Sword art online No game no life kimi no na wa Amagi brilliant park Hataraku maou sama Blood lad Akame ga kill One piece DragonBall Fairy tail Black clover Hunter x hunter Naruto Tokyo ghoul detective conan A Certain Magical Index A Lull in the Sea Assassination Classroom Baki Blue Spring Ride Fireworks Movie Haikyuu Goblin Slayer Kokoro Connect Magister Negi Magi My Hero Academia My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Noragami Radiant School-Live The Ancient Magus Bride Violet Evergarden The World God Only Knows Zombieland Saga cheers….