With the help from a mysterious creature, Elena turned herself into a magical girl to beat Zoid, a tentacle monster to save her sister, Emile.

What are examples of romantic animes?

Ooooohhh *rubs hands* I happen to know a few.
Here are a few of my favourites: -Toradora This anime is very, very popular so I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t already heard of it.
it’s basically about a boy with an intimidating gaze and a short girl who has a hard time socializing.
They both have a crush on each other’s friends, so they might as well help each other, right? The result is one of the best romances of all time. -Say “I Love You” Super sweet, super memorable.
Based off the successful manga, this series follows a shy protagonist who (nearly literally) runs into the most popular guy in school.
For some reason, he seems to take an interest in her, but the girl can’t trust any of his love to be real because he’s known throughout the school to be a womanizer. -Clannad Not as much a comedy or drama as one hell of a tear-jerker, this series and its sequel, Clannad Afterstory, blew up all over the world as something truly original.
It at first stars a young delinquent on his way to school, when he first meets someone very important—a kind, quiet girl with an illness that prevented her from coming to school at the beginning of the year.
Anyways this show is very slow-going, so it may not be for everyone. And possibly my favourite romance anime of all time….. -Snow White with the Red Hair Here is a surprisingly wholesome romance with a realistic, independant female lead.
While running away from her home village, she meets the prince of the land, Zen, and his guards on a walk through the woods.
He sprains his ankle at the sight of her, and, medically trained, she heals the sprain.
What follows is an exciting comedy drama wrapped around their forbidden romance. I hope this list helps you! I know there aren’t a lot here but honestly it’s hard to find good romance series without tasteless fanservice in them(which I personally don’t like).