With the help from a mysterious creature, Elena turned herself into a magical girl to beat Zoid, a tentacle monster to save her sister, Emile.

What is the most generic anime character?

Bear in mind that I haven’t actually seen the show this character is from, but I’ve heard a lot about it and him from someone whom I trust. Ayato Amagiri from The Asterisk War A lot of characters are generic in different ways: they’re overpowered, they’re a nice guy who helps everyone and everyone likes them, they’re “too cool to care”, and they’re completely horrified and embarrassed by the idea of involving themselves and a member of the opposite sex in any kind of situation that’s even remotely sexual. On their own, those characteristics aren’t necessarily detractors from a character.
Overpowered characters can be believable if we can see that they’re doing something different to everyone else, or it’s played purely for comedic effect.
“Too cool to care” type characters are often done quite well in shows where that attitude slowly changes over time or the character is punished for not taking a more active role, and being averse to the idea of sex and sexuality is fine if it’s explained why the character is that way, or if it’s just a facet of that anime’s world. But Ayato Amagiri embodies so many of these character traits, many of which are totally contradictory, that what we have is a character that can’t even be imagined to be salvageable. The idea of protagonists in shows like The Asterisk War is as a placeholder for the audience, so main characters in this type of show usually are quite bland.
However, most of them do begin with some kind of aspect to them that, due to the interference of other characters and events happening in the world, they are forced to change, ultimately making them a more likeable, developed and interesting character. Ayato, however, due to the nature of his character, is impossible to develop. He simultaneously wants to hep everyone he can, but also acts like doing so is a pain in the ass. This translates over to the sexual situations also. One time, he’s invited to a girl named Claudia’s room at night to talk with her.
She’s wearing just a shower gown in the hopes that it would titillate him, and it totally does.
We see him checking her out, because of course he would, she’s beautiful.
But when Claudia comes on to him, and all but asks him to have sex with her, Ayato runs away. Why? Because the target audience for this show are all virgins. The show forgoes any kind of characterisation of Ayato because he’s a stand in for the audience.
But because it tries to make him be relatable to the most amount of people by having him embody all the stock standard traits they could think of, they ended up with a character so self-contradictory, that no one can actually relate to him.