Based on a game by Colors.

Do you ever want to be a anime character? Why?

It… really depends. If I got sent to these anime universes where there’s a ton of war and carnage going on, then never mind! Sign me out of there!! Attack On Titan? Nope, not there.
OUT! Or how about those harem anime? Sounds like fun… Psych! I want to be single! Harem will be a nightmare for me! Plus, I don’t want to get in the sexual misunderstanding situations which the harem animes are famous for.
I will either get slapped or get killed. Junji Ito’s universe? Nope, I’m just gonna run if I ever became one of his characters.
Nothing good ever happens in his story.
Even though I love reading his works, I would hate being in his work.
Being turned into a snail is not fun at all… Or universes that seems cool, but is actually super stressful? Never mind that, then.
If I am in Psycho Pass’ universe, I would be under constant surveillance and would warrant false suspicions… Nope, not worth it. Also, Cells at Work? If I am the body in that anime, I am screwed.
I have cedar pollen allergy, influenza A & B, hemorrhage… Nope, just no.
But, being a cell in there seems cool… just give me the dendritic cell’s role. Childhood anime? I would probably rule out Detective Conan.
My life would be in danger everyday.
A case happens everyday in Detective Conan, and I will be caught in it one day.
Never mind. That also goes for Death Note’s.
If someone writes my name in the Death Note, or I mistakenly wrote it myself….
I don’t want to die early! (Oops… This guy named William Zhang died because he was reading Quora all day long… also, that’s not a good murder case.) Doraemon’s universe…? I would really love to be a character in there.
It’s just peaceful there. Lupin III’s universe? I would also like to be there… just as long I’m not connected to the crew in anyway. Cowboy Bebop’s universe? That’s also great! I could finally get a home on Mars! So, if I don’t get any superpowers and still get to live in a peaceful world, anime or not, sweet! Superpowers but with carnage everyday? Um… not sure about that. Superpowers in a peaceful world? Sounds like my jam.