Ai, Rin, and Meg are magical soldiers who battle the evil Yuragi infesting the streets at night. The usually solitary Yuragi, attacking girls at random, have been collaborating towards an unknown goal. In the center of it all is Shin and his daughter Mayu, who Rin gave birth to after he raped her.

What are some popular mainstream anime that you dislike?

Thanks for A2A I have a few that I kinda do not like that much.
Her goes the list. -Naruto -One Piece -Dragon Ball Etc Well, do not get me wrong, I never watched these anime and I never had a chance to watch these classics because I had no time.
The problem I had with these is that people have been bragging so much about these with an unrealistic manner.
Like there is this guy that asked me why is Boku no Hero Academia so popular even it is a garbage imitation of Naruto.
I listed a whole lot things to disagree his idea.
I had other people that claims Naruto/One Piece/Dragon Ball to be the best or one of the best anime in history and stuff like that.
I, again, disagree with that.
And I think no real experienced anime fan will agree that it is the kind of perfect anime that deserves a ten out of ten.
One example I gave for Naruto is the fillers and this: Naruto may be famous, it may be influencial, interesting, classic, or any that kind of thing, but it is never in the modern history going to be identified as a “perfect” anime. Some people are just so addicted to anime like Naruto that they thought everything else is no comparison to it, and once you try to argue with them they will say stuff like: “Oh, why don’t you go see the number of manga sells One Piece had compared to your whatever it is manga/anime?” It really annoys me when people does that, especially when they thought it was true. Another few anime that I have a hard time with is famous anime like Death Note and AOT and ones like that.
I personally REALLY liked these ones, but again, I got annoyed many times when I was trying to introduce some not as famous anime to my western friend, they kept on asking is it comparable to AOT and stuff like that.
Now, I use to and still believe that people who have those reactions and behaviors are an immature or inexperienced anime fan.
But the majority is against that idea, just as how people said that the anime industry is going down because the quality of the stories and animation is going “down”. I also find people who were against of the majority with no reasons annoying.
Just like how this one guy said that he distaste Re:Zero because the first few episodes were “boring”.
??????? This guy said the two illustrations above is no comparison to: Because it is AOT??! He said that seriously and told me that it was not a joke, he said he truly thinks that this Eren illustration is better BECAUSE IT IS AOT. The main reason people get attracted to Re:Zero is because of the first few episodes, and many mainly for the extra long first episode.
Also, the major reason why people hate or dislike Re:Zero is after the Rem part when the protagonist is acted so childish in the Ousei part.
In fact, an online survey showed that more than NINETY percent of the audience turned the anime down for that reason.
You get the idea. Some people are just trying to act “unusual” and have unusual taste to show themselves.
The same goes with another answer about Code Geass and Darling in the Franxx(which is very highly rated in the first twelve episodes). There are people who tried to argue with me that SAO Ordinal Scale or even Steins;Gate are overrated.
This guy said that he don’t get why people love such a boring anime(steins;gate), and when I asked him how many episodes he has watched, he replied: “one”.
(We all knows that Steins;Gate is an anime that is slow-paced in the first half of its story.
I personally gave up watching three times but I never said or think it was bad.
I finally finished the series two years ago and cleared the game adaptation) Another reason why the above anime sometimes annoyed me is because of their western illustrations and the negative impact it brought. My friend’s art teacher said that she never allows any student to draw anime style drawings because it requires no true skills. Because the best anime style drawing she saw is at this level: When this is the average level of drawings out there on Pixiv. There is good western anime artist out there because I have seen some.
But the average level disapointed me many times.
Many of my friends thought anime is cartoon because they consider pictures like this to be the pro anime artist drawings: Hope you enjoy my answer.(Even I do not really think many people will) Just to clarify, but I have a NEUTRAL attitude on anime like Naruto and One Piece and etc.